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We provid the services for registering and opening companies in China. Local or international, with foreign, Chinese, or joint investment. We work for facilitating registering your company officially in the Chinese government

Advantages of companies and investment in Hainan, the Free Trade Zone

0% import tax from the free trade port - Hainan.
Facilitations in government procedures.
The general tax is 15%, which is the lowest tax in China.
The ability to purchase and export goods from any region in China.
Hainan is a dynamic emerging region full of investment opportunities.
The promotion of development and project construction in Hainan is the fastest in China. This came on the recommendation of the Chinese President that Hainan will be a competitor to Hong Kong in the coming years.
The rate of investment in real estate is more than 10% annually.
Hainan supports opening stores and markets with zero-tax.
Hainan fully supports people with special needs with tax and customs exemption.

Companies registration services


Obtaining business licenses and permits

Obtaining the business certificate according to your business domain with the maintenance of tax accounts service, in addition to a group of legal lawyers and business advisors


Obtaining work permit for the owner

We do the necessary procedures to obtain the work permit for the owner from government agencies concerned with granting work permits in China

business, technology, cell phone
wallet, money, credit card


Opening a bank account

Assisting in opening a bank account for the company and providing real estate headquarter for the company’s office, in addition to providing consultations


Assisting to get work visa

We assist in arranging your papers and providing advice that will help and facilitate the process of obtaining the work visa, depending on our experience in applying for many people for seviral years

More services

Business consulting

We provide business consulting related to the import and export into and out of China. We also suggest some investment opportunities available in Hainan.

A real estate site for the company’s office

We provide a real estate office with the space you need and depending on your budget. We also suggeste and recommende the most suitable sites for your business. Since we always aim to facilitate your work and connect relations between China and Arabs, we provide you with residence close to your office and as you prefer.

Company website

We design your website with all details, as well as we do the visual identity.

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